Turning Fashion into an Art Form


The name alone stands for luxury wearable art. Elsa Schiaparelli still attracts, provokes questions and gossip amongst the fashion industry today.

The Fashion Designer has inspired us all. Elsa Schiaparelli has a Suite inspired here at The May Fair Hotel, London. Decorated in lavish riches and of course her favourite colour: Shocking Pink

I have always been fascinated by the designers past. She is one designer that will inspire even the youngest aspiring talent. She is a designer who’s made claim to the sartorial designs that have made her the most experimental designer of her time. A fashion designer who loved Art especially Surrealism.


Elsa Schiaparelli courtesy of VOGUE

Art played an important approach in her design method. Even today I have fun recreating work which pays homage to her name. She is one of the most admired designers people will never stop talking about.

The collections today from Design Director Bertrand Guyon are a display from a team of devoted craftsmen and women. They are simply Schiaparelli Couture at its very best; beautifully crafted. They demonstrate passages of her life, love of art, fashion and people. They will and are forever impeccable. The spirit and magic lives on.

For Art Prints and Private Viewings please contact Matthew Ryan.

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Why not pop into The May Fair Hotel for a pink cocktail?


The Report: London


British Fashion Designers fulfilled everyone’s expectations this year. Old taboos were broken down and new attitudes were confidently exhibited.

As the year closes, London especially displayed some inspiring moods and imaginative structures for the body to adorn. Attracting a dedicated crowd who awaited with anticipation, models were transformed into their designers visions and I did what comes naturally – drawing rough and finished works. Paying tribute to all the designers creations we just love to see. The show opened and out came star models that knew how to sell a dress.

Meet the Artist & get copies of your drawings by appointment at The May Fair Hotel, London. The official sponsors of London Fashion Week.

Designers creations captured on paper. CHOOSE IT! – HANG IT!

Visit: http://www.marcmcgreevy.com

IT’S A WRAP! Menswear AW 2015

Sketches of runway shows from London Collections: Men.  Ribbon sealed Illustrations for YSL Paris.  Art works include drawings of British Fashion Model Charlie France and the many faces of Fashion Model Corentin Renault.

Listed are the best menswear designers to be dressed by: Sankuanz, Xander Zhou, Alex Mullins, Christopher Shannon, Lee Roach, YMC, Agi & Sam, Soulland, Hardy Amies, Oliver Spencer, Matthew Miller, Sibling Men, J.W. Anderson, Huntergather, Turnbull & Asser, Moschino, Pringle of Scotland, Alexander McQueen, KTZ, Burberry & Craig Green.

The May Fair Hotel – Corrie Nielsen sketches

The Mayfair’s Fashion Artist Marc McGreevy was commissioned by Brand Us Social – a Fashion and Beauty conference held at The May Fair Hotel.

A very special collaboration took place between the Artist and Fashion Designer Corrie Nielsen in the Atrium of the luxury hotel.

Glowing with natural light, the Atrium provided the perfect backdrop for attendees who watched McGreevy as he sketched live. Over 300 people attended the event which was filmed by Google.

Model Pollie Sortain wore a stunning Corrie Nielsen SS14 suit picked out by Marc himself – below are the results from this extraordinary event.

Special thanks to Corrie Nielsen, Ali Mapletoft, Google Glass, Linzi Sortain, Pollie Sortain, Rupa Ganatra and Vanisha Solanki.

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